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When can I wind down the windows after having them tinted?
After 2 to 3 days.
How dark a tint can we have?
35% on a car, but can go as dark as a 5% film on a 4WD.
Can I have the front windscreen tinted?
No you can not tint front screens in New Zealand but they do appear darker once the side windows are tinted.
 Cars, Trucks, Buses, Caravans, Boats
  • Full range of legal tints.
 Fade prevention
  • 99% U.V Block.
  • Protects interior upholstery.
  • Over 10 times more effective then ordinary tinted glass.
  • Heat and Glare reductions as required.
  • Softens bright light.
  • Does not discernably darken the interior.
  • Laminates and strengthens glass.
  • Anti-shatter, 99% U.V Block.
  • Most tints have a 10 yr to full lifetime guarantee.
  • Tough and scratch-resistant.